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Yes, 'yikes' is the only reaction I can give myself for not writing a post since last September! I didn't want to be the blogger that didn't blog. Ooops! But I was and I don't want to be anymore. I'd rather be in a position where I have to peel myself off my computer because of too much blogging, than to be daydreaming every darn day about the idea of blogging. I'm over it. I'm done.

I’ve over it. I’m done.

A friend of mine once told me that until it becomes too painful to keep doing what you're doing, then and only then will you start to change your behavior. I thought that was bogus at first listen, but I've totally bought into the idea now. Daydreaming has just become way too painful. So I quit. Well...not completely. But I quit daydreaming about blogging about this, and blogging about that and not actually doing it. It's more fun daydreaming about what I did instead of what I intend to do. The selfie above really reflects the point of frustration I've reached and the internal struggle I've  gone through for months. It's over. I'm done. Another friend of mine told me  (yes my friends are filled with all kinds of inspirational advice) to just post. No matter what it is, just post. And quit trying to make every post a production. Okay, okay fine...I'll just do it and stop thinking about doing it. 

No matter what it is, just post.

I imagine there are plenty others who just like me, have started and stopped this blogging thing. It can be intimidating. What to write? When to write? How to do it right? The questions can go on and on. And so can the Google searching. But, I'm learning that there's no formula, no real right or wrong way. Just the way that works for you.

For me, being inconsistent with blogging doesn't work, but it may work for someone else. To experience what works for me I have to do what's right for me. So no more 'yikes' or 'oops' but more yay's for the thinking that becomes more doing.

#easeintomonday Fall Photoshoot

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I really believe that your Sundays should set the tone for Mondays, if not for your entire week.

 Early in the summer I made a mental note to start easing into Monday by enjoying my Sundays wholeheartedly—regardless of the activity. Some Sundays are more exciting than others and yesterday was definitely one of the more exciting ones. It started off with me sleeping in (yay!), midway through I found these incredible platforms by fluke at Goodwill for just $20 bucks, and then ended the day with Scrole Vision shooting some of my new fall gear. When we shoot it's usually themed and well-planned but this one was kind of "go with the flow;" he really just wanted to capture my new hair. The shoot essentially turned out to be my look for the fall, which I don't have a name for yet but I can say that I'm very inspired by Nordstrom's The Modern Collection and Free People. I'll post pics on here as soon as they're ready.  Hope you're easing into Monday as I will be doing the same!


 Ridiculous platform shoes? Why not! Especially if they're your size, the only one of its kind, AND $20 bucks.

Ridiculous platform shoes? Why not! Especially if they're your size, the only one of its kind, AND $20 bucks.

Fall Is Here. Don't Be Sad.

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My hair stylist Evie Johnson and her team are to thank for this look I'll be sporting this fall.

Yes, I'm THAT person who calls upon a season before its official arrival. Sorry but not sorry. Here are 4 reasons why I pre-declare the seasons:

1. It makes me less grumpy

It sounds kind of weird, but it’s true. In the past, when that official fall date came it was so depressing. In my mind, fall means winter and winter means freezing. Being a Montréaler, I dreaded winter as a teenager. Thoughts of the wind chill wreaking havoc on my bones would make me want to cry sometimes. 

Okay slightly dramatic, but you get the point. 

By jumping into a new season before its time, allows me to ease into it better. And quite honestly, it has allowed me to develop a great appreciation for seasonal changes. I don’t cling to summer as much as I used to.

2. I enjoy looking forward to new things

That’s just the nature of who I am. I like new experiences. I get bored easily. I give ‘change’ one big hug. Even when that change is miserable and unpleasant, over time I eventually find myself thanking ‘change’ for what it has done for me. Just like the earth has this natural seasonal rhythm to it, so do our lives. 

We go through seasons in our private worlds and it’s beautiful knowing that no two seasons are alike. When we’re in a bad place—whether emotionally, financially, or spiritually, we can look forward to a brighter place. In seasons of beauty and cheer, we can count on the strength we’ve built up to carry us through the inevitable dark patch. 

3. Prepares me for the future

Planning has never come naturally to me. But having this mindset is really helping me prepare for things I want to do and need to do in the near future. It helps me avoid being caught off-guard and more pragmatic about how I manage my time. 

I have ADHD, so the very thought of planning and thinking about the future used to terrify me and cause my brain to shutdown. Literally. Declaring fall is here, even though it officially isn’t, is like a little mind game I play to get me excited about planning.

4. Because it’s fun annoying my friends

Out of love of course. The minute I make the declaration about the next season, I get verbally stoned by my friends. And then we all hold our bellies laughing and gasping for air. It’s become a “thing” that I do now, and it’s fun being made fun of sometimes. Without fail, my friends and I get a good, solid laugh and it’s moments like that that are truly priceless. 

On Instragram this fall I’ll be using the hashtag #haifall for a number of my posts. You should too...instead of something generic like #fall2014. I’d love to see what other people are up to this fall and we can encourage each other when warmth in the air officially starts to fade.

With warmth,