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House of Unicorn | Welcome

Hey! I'm Erykah St. Louis, a curious spirit who enjoys discovering the treasures of the world. My background is in graphic design and I'm currently working as a digital strategist for a humanitarian agency in the Washington DC Area. By day, I figure out ways to connect with our supporters online. By night, I explore the treasure troves of DC. I like intriguing and unique things, which I believe is largely credited to my upbringing in Montréal, Québec.

Growing up in a vibrant city full of cultural diversity and old European charm, I learned to develop an appetite for the unusual and unorthodox. But I also learned to value the traditional—who doesn't love a good classic? 

I once believed that I needed to consolidate my affinities or focus on just one. But, I've since discovered that my diverse inclinations are part of my unique design.  I have varied interests, and this website will cover all of them: design, fashion, culture and social justice. 

Why House of Unicorn anyway?

Chances are, you've probably never met a real life Unicorn until now. They are unique, colorful, swift and not easily attained; a myth to some, a relished reality to others. When a close friend of mine met me for the first time they exclaimed, "Wow it's a real life Unicorn! She's here!" I am a Unicorn, a creative humanitarian and this is my home, open for you to explore, to be inspired. Welcome to the House of Unicorn.