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Protect our girls

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 Keep Girls Save

Their future depends on us

It sounds dramatic but it's not. The future of many girls around the world is dependent upon whether or not we're brave enough to take a stand against the injustices and violence that awaits them. Girls in many parts of the world are beaten, trafficked, exploited and even face death. It's a reality they live every day. The abduction of the Nigerian school girls has the international community heartbroken, and in an uproar. It's easy to point fingers and wonder why the Nigerian government isn't working harder to bring them back. But as we think about what more can be done, let's also think about girls who aren't making headline news who share  hopes of higher education, yet face serious risk for just going to school. Every day millions of girls risk their lives for the hope of a brighter, more secure future. Together, we can be a voice for girls everywhere. Help spread the word about girls around the world who need to be rescued.

This piece was created by Ron Bass Visual Artist/Designer of BASS By Ron Bass, in honor of the missing Nigerian girls.