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My Happiest Moment

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 (Photo by  Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

(Photo by Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

This past weekend I was asked what my happiest moment of the week was. I've never been asked that question and quite honestly it stumped me for a moment.

I always appreciate when people entertain discussions that scratch beyond the surface of regular social talk. I was tickled by the question and for a brief moment I had no clue what my happiest moment was. In the seconds before giving an answer, I thought to myself "Gee, I should reflect on this more...this shouldn't be a question that throws me off."

So for about 12 seconds I thought long and hard about my answer. My happiest moment last week was dining and bonding with a group of highly talented creatives at Brookland's Finest Bar & Kitchen. The talent ranged from illustrators to designers to museum curators. Really brilliant and down to earth folk. Andrea Pippins of was responsible for bringing us all together.

She organized a visit to the Honfleur Gallery in Anacostia and naturally after a gallery visit you have to grab food right? Brookland's Finest Bar & Kitchen is a new restaurant on 12st in NE, Washington DC that just opened up a last month. It's tucked away in this cute suburban area and the atmosphere is just perfect for a small group meetup or if you need some alone time but don't quite want to be alone. The Washington Post has a great review of the restaurant. 

 Bossa nova + brilliant creative women = fantastic time

Bossa nova + brilliant creative women = fantastic time

The weekend ended with an outdoor Bossa nova concert in Paterson Park in Baltimore. This was a wrap-up of my happiest moment and a kickstart to a new week. I like this idea of  'happiest moment.' I think I'll be posting about this regularly because I think it's so important to be reflective about the experiences we have in a given day or week. Being around people in general makes me happy, but being around creatives takes my happiness to a whole different level.