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That's my new mantra. And a hashtag I plan to use until I get sick of it!

For the past couple weeks I've experienced the kind of Sunday's that get you thinking about nothing more than the moment you're living. Maybe it's the summer. Maybe it's sheer luck (which I actually don't believe in). Or maybe it's because I hate hating Mondays and I've been saying YES! to social situations that make Monday's Eve a breeze.

Actually no. It's really just a shift in my perspective and attitude.

A couple Sunday's ago I found myself swaying side-to-side in a park somewhere in Philly with a sister and strangers. At the time it felt like we were just kicking off summer, but what was really happening was a new perspective about Monday emerging. 

 Good music and people vibes in a park in Philly

Good music and people vibes in a park in Philly

We all know that feeling. 

We take a peek at the clock on a Sunday afternoon—not quite evening—and we cringe. The thought of getting ready for the work-week grips at our spirit and we put our hands on our head in dismay. We panic. Our head pounds.

We've all been there. And you were probably there last night.

But I'm starting to believe that it doesn't have to be like that! Why can't our Sundays be so delightful that the thought of Monday becomes just a useless passing thought?

3 weeks in a row I barely flinched at the thought of Monday. Not because I had this insanely super social schedule that was just exploding with excitement and delight. But really because I said to myself, "Erykah, let's ease into Monday."

And so I did. 

My day today was nothing short of a mountain of to-dos,  emails needing attention and an afternoon-long meeting. But because I was mentally committed to easing into this day, I didn't experience the anxiety I normally do minutes after hitting the pillow.

Okay so I painted in an art studio with friends for most of the evening yesterday, and yes that helped to take my mind off Monday. But at no point did I have a mini-meltdown in my head of the pile that awaited me today.

 At ArtJamz in Dupont Circle in Washington DC

At ArtJamz in Dupont Circle in Washington DC

 Wildlings at ArtJamz

Wildlings at ArtJamz

A friend of mine always says to me, "It will be fine." And it always is.

We do absolutely no good to ourselves when we get all miserable and grumpy about the details of Monday that await us.

And I'm not saying to disregard any kind of week prep you believe is important to do. But seriously, chill out a bit on Sunday and give your mind the rest that it deserves. Be gentle with your thoughts and attitude towards Monday. And just ease into it.

On Instagram and Twitter I'll try to post about how I'm easing into Monday, every week and would love for you to join me. 

Together let's inspire each other to #easeintomonday.

With hugs and high-fives,