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Yes, 'yikes' is the only reaction I can give myself for not writing a post since last September! I didn't want to be the blogger that didn't blog. Ooops! But I was and I don't want to be anymore. I'd rather be in a position where I have to peel myself off my computer because of too much blogging, than to be daydreaming every darn day about the idea of blogging. I'm over it. I'm done.

I’ve over it. I’m done.

A friend of mine once told me that until it becomes too painful to keep doing what you're doing, then and only then will you start to change your behavior. I thought that was bogus at first listen, but I've totally bought into the idea now. Daydreaming has just become way too painful. So I quit. Well...not completely. But I quit daydreaming about blogging about this, and blogging about that and not actually doing it. It's more fun daydreaming about what I did instead of what I intend to do. The selfie above really reflects the point of frustration I've reached and the internal struggle I've  gone through for months. It's over. I'm done. Another friend of mine told me  (yes my friends are filled with all kinds of inspirational advice) to just post. No matter what it is, just post. And quit trying to make every post a production. Okay, okay fine...I'll just do it and stop thinking about doing it. 

No matter what it is, just post.

I imagine there are plenty others who just like me, have started and stopped this blogging thing. It can be intimidating. What to write? When to write? How to do it right? The questions can go on and on. And so can the Google searching. But, I'm learning that there's no formula, no real right or wrong way. Just the way that works for you.

For me, being inconsistent with blogging doesn't work, but it may work for someone else. To experience what works for me I have to do what's right for me. So no more 'yikes' or 'oops' but more yay's for the thinking that becomes more doing.