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Unicorn Story Time: The Natural Hair Movement

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Thoughts on my 13 Years of being part of the Natural Hair Movement

I've been relaxer-free since 2002...when "big chops" weren't called "big chops." When there weren't specially formulated products for girls with curly hair. Back when the natural hair movement planted its roots in poorly lit bathrooms of black teenage girls, across Canada, the US, and Europe. With a pair of kitchen scissors, a bottle of conditioner, and two of her most trusted pals (sister and big cousin) she gathered all the courage she had, to cut off all the straight parts of her hair. It felt good. Unbeknownst to her, other black girls around the world shared the same thoughts, the same desire, the same courage. 

To see her fluffy curls as the most beautiful hair texture she’s ever seen.

To see her fluffy curls as the most beautiful hair texture she's ever seen. Natural hair is not a fad, not a trend or people just playing copycat, rather it's a shift in how black women define & experience beauty. I hope one day this movement makes it to the history books about black culture in the 21st Century. It feels nice to feel be part of history-making.